Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Long time, no blog

After all but neglecting this blog over the past year and a half I've decided to resurrect it. My absence from the blogosphere can be attributed to the daily grind of working full time leaving my creativity all but drained. Over the last 18 months I just couldn't muster the energy after a hard day at the office.

Oddly, I think because of the creative nature of my work - I'm currently kicking shit on a small daily newspaper in regional Queensland, Australia - I find my brain dead come 5pm.

I'd contemplated reviving WK a few times but never found the energy to put finger to key. This was frustrating because it was an exercise I'd found most rewarding in the past.

However lately I've found myself yearning for a creative outlet. Coupled with my discovery of Google Adsense (making money from blogging, outrageous) I've discovered a new zeal.

Anyway, I'm hoping to peel off 10 or so reviews in the next week. There's some really amazing music being made at the moment and I can't wait to tell you about it.

In other news, I was hoping to attend this year's No Idea Records festival in Florida in late October/early November. A good friend recently told me she's attending and has been spurring me on ever since. However yesterday my car decided to shit itself and I'm looking at a $2000 repair bill, throwing a spanner in those plans.

I found myself racking my brain for ideas on how to earn some quick cash. Then in a blinding flash of inspiration, I thought to myself: "put the Mass Giorigini picture on a t-shirt and sell it on the internet".

Rest assured, I don't harbour delusions that I'm some sort of internet celebrity, I thought it'd be fun for shits and giggle anyway. Here's a design I cobbled together with photoshop last night.

Anyway, please give me your feedback. Whatever, if you've got records you suggest I listen to or review, please swing a comment my way. Off With Their Heads, Copyrights, Ergs, Bomb The Music Industry!, Measure (SA), Loved Ones, Unlovabales and Ben Weasel have all released great records in the last twelve months and I'm intching to rant about them.
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